Tribe Chest 2.0 is live!

As Sam Cooke might put it…
it’s been a long time coming.

Inspired by the amazing project ordered by Richard Lawrence, and after months of development and an initial launch in the fall of 2012, there were some complications on the business end of the adventure, and Tribe Chest was put in the closet of unfinished projects for almost a year.

However Richard Lawrence reached back out to me, and together we imagined how to seriously clean up and improve his own private chest, which was launched this past Christmas. The improvements were many, including a full re-write of the code-base, cleaning the clutter of plugins, adding a custom BuddyPress integration and upgrading the design to a Foundation 4 CSS grid.

Inspired by the quality of this new chest, I decided to apply most of the improvements to TribeChest which was also rebuilt from scratch and simplified quite a bit.

TribeChest no longer includes events.

In fact many features have been removed from the platform to let it shine in the most pure and stable form . The focus is more than ever on what makes TribeChest so easy to use:

  • Publishing is easier than ever with added functionality to fix human mistakes,
    and full compatibility with the WordPress Mobile Apps (a dedicated app is on it’s way for Android and iOS).
  • Front-end uploading has been abandoned so that site users can enjoy the magic of the stock WordPress media library and publishing functionality.
  • Events have been dropped as they were not key to the philosophy of TribeChest.
  • Sharing single albums is now possible outside of your TribeChest user-base and yet still secured by a password.

As before, all media is stored on the Amazon S3 cloud.

This is the first version of TribeChest that I am proud to announce as 100% stable, secure and easy to use. Official launch is in the works…